Make your listing stand out from others

You can make your business stand out from the rest with a larger listing. We offer two levels of service The first uses a larger print for your business name. The second uses a still larger letter size for your name plus includes your description of your services.


Large Listing:

Manassas Aviation Center, Inc.
(800) 636-0575
(703) 361-0575

Corporate Listing:

Manassas Aviation Center, Inc.
With easy access to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Manassas Aviation Center offers everything you need in aviation services including:
  • Experienced flight instructors for flight training
  • largest pilot's supply store in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • aircraft supplies - oil, lamps, tires, etc.
  • Ground schools
  • FAA approved written test site
  • Aerial Photography by appointment
10600 Observation Road
Manassas, Virginia 20110-2000
(800) 636-0575
(703) 361-0575

All plans will highlight your listing in your airport's page and the state wide listings.

If you are ready to make your listing more visible, please send check or money order to:

John Huggins
7101 Oriole Avenue
Springfield, VA 22150

If you are requesting the Corporate Listing service, please provide a consise description to appear with your name.

For more information contact John or Kim at